Why not explore all 5 approaches to research.

An image of bricks laid on top of each other. Text: Methodology Breakdown #1 - Approaches to Research
An image of bricks laid on top of each other. Text: Methodology Breakdown #1 - Approaches to Research
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As researchers, we have various ways to define the methodology that we use in our research. For quite some time, I have been listing and analysing various research methods out there, and it has truly helped me not only to get a solid grasp on research but also make my research more impactful. Let’s face it, there are many methodologies out there scattered across, and it can be pretty challenging to get your hands on them.

In this series, I will talk about various methodologies, their pros and cons, and when should you opt for them.

The Five Approaches to Research

Research design is a…

Journaling my experience of the first few months in enterprise research at Microsoft Design

Man talking to another man on video call
Man talking to another man on video call
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It’s been six months since I joined Microsoft Design remotely. I found myself in uncharted waters, as I have never been a part of an enterprise product. I have conducted remote research in the past years; however, times are unprecedented, and COVID-19 made this the only viable approach. With little to no experience in enterprise research, I embarked on this journey to understand how enterprise products work, position kick-start research in the new team.

Understanding The Enterprise System

In my first month of joining the Microsoft Bookings and Outlook Team, my first priority was understanding the products. Outlook being an enterprise and consumer product…

Shaping thought from being messy to aligned
Shaping thought from being messy to aligned

Foundational research also referred to as exploratory research, is used to explore a problem space and learns more about the potential users. It helps teams generate an initial understanding, establish priorities, and define a direction for the product. This kind of research also anticipates any changes in the competitive landscape and helps the product to stay or get ahead of the competition

Typically, foundational research is administered personally in a face-to-face environment, wherein actual behavior is derived by observation as well as probing. …

A picture of diverse crowd with people from different age groups and races
A picture of diverse crowd with people from different age groups and races

Reusing participants certainly can be quite practical, convenient and honestly tempting, not just during current times. If you are working in an extremely niche or specialized product, it can difficult to recruit the right set of users. For example, it can be quite difficult to recruit participants for a product meant for law enforcement officers or paramedics or even wind turbine engineers.

A lot of people have the notion that reusing participants can reduce the participant’s anxiety as they know what to expect. Participants in this case will feel less stressed as they have been through one or more rounds…

Methods to help you conduct research and gain insights during the pandemic

It’s been tough. It’s been more than 6 months since the start of the pandemic and it’s nowhere close to ending. The key question everyone has been asking is how do we conduct research in times of social distancing? How do we capture our user’s behaviour in context? What do we do when we can’t get into a user’s house?

I spent the first few months of this pandemic researching how to conduct remote studies as I had never done that. At Flipkart, we tried and tested a lot of ways in which we could generate data as before. We…

A group of people using various devices viz smartphones, tablets and laptops
A group of people using various devices viz smartphones, tablets and laptops

In design, all the ‘User’-based words signify the relationship between people and tech systems, viz. products, features, and services. People use and tech is used. The term, however, does not give justice to the complexity of us as humans over just being an entity using the systems.

For simplicity, in this article, I will be referring to any solution viz. products, features, and services as ‘product’ itself.

It was a usual afternoon in Delhi. I was standing on a busy street waiting for my Uber. I had just completed a very interesting research session, a home visit. We discover a lot of little nuances when we enter a person’s safe space. With all that data in my mind and my laptop, I stood there on the street, dwelling on what would be the implications of some of the behaviors. Right before my Uber arrived, a man came in front of me and started wanking off. …

The following article expands on the research design and uber level insights that were discovered during the research we conducted for Beauty Category. Further, it also mentions a few of the conversion hacks we tested on the product page to increase conversion.

Beauty, as a category, has a tremendous potential to drive repeat purchases. Presently, 4.5% of the overall target segment shops online for make-up and personal care products. We at Flipkart want to enhance the experience for this target segment as well as make it user-friendly for the newer customers.

This led to the decision of conducting user research…

Image by Shivam Thapliyal

User experience research is considered an indispensable part of design. It helps understand users beyond numbers and data-points to behaviours and context, needs and stories. It makes the user that the product built would benefit the user.

Unfortunately, instead of user research being an integral part of the product cycle, it is many a time, put off for a later time due to restriction in time or budget. There also might be reluctance from the stakeholders to conduct research. They might feel that they know the best for the product. …

Working as a UX Researcher in India can be challenging in terms of finding a job. The awareness of User Research is quite low in Indian companies. Hence, as a fresher one tends to join an agency compared to a product company as they demand work experience. Furthermore, working for an agency can be a life-learning experience for your career. In this article, I will share 8 key lessons I have learned working for 2 agencies in India as a UX Researcher.

1. Clients can be great mentors whilst being difficult to manage

When I worked for a UX agency I came across various kinds of clients. However, most of them…

Nikita Chandawale

Sr. User Researcher at Microsoft, Ex-Flipkart | Glasgow School of Art Alumna | Speaker | Mentor

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